Christian influencer warns that ‘Yoga Barbie’ spreads Satanism

C’mon, Barbie, let us go bash — with Satan?

A Christian influencer is currently being trolled following warning mother and father that a new yoga-themed Barbie doll is a “demonic attachment.”

Yasmeen Suri, a conservative Christian speaker, writer and singer who shares her spiritual beliefs on Fb and YouTube, a short while ago went on a rant to her 20,000 Facebook followers, claiming that “Breathe With Me” Barbie could guide to small children turning into “possessed by demons” and suicidal. Her post likening yoga to Satanism had more than 73,000 likes and 47,000 shares as of Monday.

The doll, which sits cross-legged in cloud-pattern pajamas up coming to a small doggy, also wears a crescent moon-shaped necklace appeal with a button that, when pressed, prompts yoga Barbie to recite 5 guided meditations. There are also four cloud emojis on pegs that can be put on the puppy’s head to convey an emotion, whilst the doll is equipped with 15 “joints,” permitting it to contort into an array of yoga poses.

Mattel advertises the doll to support young children “practice self-care” and “inspire mindfulness,” but Suri statements that the doll is Satan’s try to “use [children] and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is accomplished, he will demolish them.”

“Satan normally arrives as showing harmless. He will never arrive with horns and a pitchfork,” she wrote.

Suri claimed, “Yoga IS Hinduism. You are not able to separate the poses from the religion. Each individual pose is developed to invoke a hindu deity in the spirit realm.”

“I have witnessed young children get possessed by demons,” she claimed. “As your young ones mature, they will get rebellious, depressed and numerous will be suicidal. You will not have an understanding of what is taking place as a mother or father.”

Christian influencer and community speaker Yasmeen Suri has absent viral following warning moms and dads that a yoga-themed Barbie doll will have their youngsters.
Fb / Yasmeen Suri

She warned mothers and fathers to “remove all toys and cleanse [their] children’s home of all demonic attachments.”

Hundreds of people today posted comments on the now-viral submit, with the the vast majority of Facebook buyers mocking Suri.

“This is why is Super Critical to ask for help when your are possessing problemas with your psychological well being. You should get help!” read the leading remark, posted by Eva De Steel.

Young girl playing with "Breathe With Me" Barbie
When pressed, the doll’s necklace appeal sales opportunities children by means of five guided meditations.

“Thank you for advertising this! I just can’t hold out to operate to target and acquire myself just one,” Sarah Roudabush stated.

“I’m all for eradicating all toys and getting rid of the demon attachments at my house… I mean uh children. Youngsters. Sorry,” Laura Mazza joked.

“My daughter has lately been doing yoga, it is been definitely good for her. Making the most of the crimson tint in her eyes too, delivers a wonderful ambience to the home,” Trudie Macfarlane mockingly wrote.

“I want my funds again! I never acquired demon possessed at yoga class. What a rip off!” Jaime Elliott teased.

“It’s odd that you think about stretching to be ‘Satanic,’ when a arrive at of this magnitude necessitates awesome amounts of adaptability,” Jon Trexler commented.

Having said that, some of Suri’s followers agreed with her stance on the Barbie doll.

“Sad but so accurate,” William Sutton commented.

“I agree 100% i believe that it all requirements to be exposed!!!!” Viola Harrison Seagraves wrote.

Suri tackled the controversy concerning her promises, telling Newsweek: “There are some professing Christians that have no challenges with the teachings guiding yoga and there are some that do. I am just one that does. Yes, I do believe that when we open ourselves up to occult-primarily based procedures, there are risks of demonic action.”

Whilst yoga is rooted in Hinduism, most Indians and Hindus do not follow yoga and a lot of techniques are not regarded a religious physical exercise.

Yoga has develop into ever more well-known in new yrs and is even taught in some universities to aid young children regulate their bodily and emotional properly-getting.

“The Vatican has not felt compelled to convey to Catholics that yoga is completely out of bounds,” theologian Dr. Brett Salkeld instructed Newsweek. “Many arguments Catholics are likely to use against the apply of yoga are, in point, unCatholic — even superstitious.”