Counselling Services in Nairobi

We are a Christian-based counselling service that helps people to live fulfilling lives. 


Pst. Silas Kadenge

Lead Counsellor/ Life Coach

Who We Are

At Silas Counselling Services, we provide unmatched individual and group counseling services, ideal for single persons, couples, families, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and work places among other setups. Our areas of expertise include counseling on:

  1. Marriage and family.
  2. Grief/bereavement.
  3. Substance abuse and addiction.
  4. Life coaching through hardships.
  5. Management of stress and depression.
  6. Parenting of youths and adolescents.
  7. Child development.

Led by Pastor Silas Kadenge, we have gifted counselling specialists who use their solid background in the Christian faith and psychology to help our clients walk through life's challenges into a future of true happiness, positive outlook and fullness of joy as God intended for us.



  • We exist to help our clients to manage life challenges and live a happy and fulfilling life by providing professional and cost-effective counselling services.


  • To be the most resourceful counselling center in the east African region

Core Values

CompassionWe provide an empathetic, non-judgmental environment where we listen to our clients carefully and where clients feel heard and validated.

ConfidentialityWe recognize the importance of privacy and safety as the basis of effective therapy.

Sensitivity to differenceOur counselling center and personnel are accomodative to people of all walks of life without any biases.

ExpertiseWe take our obligation to assist our clients as a profession and a calling. We are passionate about what we do.


Whatever challenges you might be going through, don't give up, help is on the way. Call us now on (+254) 716 462 200 / 0740 624034 / 0714 567 461 and let us guide you through it all.


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