Do you feel like the quality of life that you lead could have been better? We specialize in helping you solve life problems and rekindle your self-worth, happiness and success even when it feels hopeless. The areas of counselling we major in include:

Marriage/Relationships Counselling

Is your relationship suffering from ineffective communication, intimacy issues, infidelity or thoughts of divorce? At times, relationships can be really difficult and challenging. Our counselors are highly experienced in building back broken relationships by helping couples to start hearing one another again, to listen and support each other and improve their way of relating, and incases of divorce, we offer unmatched support through the process.

Overcoming Bereavement And Loss

Have you lost someone who is so close to your heart, a job that you really valued, a marriage that you held so dearly, that beautiful home that everyone admired, or a pet that was so dear to you? You must be feeling empty and alone. Our counsellors will professionally help you go through the stages of grief and offer support in working through the emotions involved.

Stress Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed, run down, irritable, or suffering from lack of sleep and poor feeding habits? You may be experiencing stress. Stress is really hard to live with and often leads to physical health issues or emotional outbursts. Our counsellors will help you identify the causes of stress such as work, relationships, money, family or health concerns and work through them and bring you back to the happy and productive life that you deserve.

Recovery from Depression

Are you feeling physically and emotionally drained, alone and isolated, and as if no one fully understands your situation? It could be depression, a very painful and distressing situation to be in. Our counsellors will expertly create a healing environment where you will gradually rebuild and put your life back together.

Overcoming Abuse

You may have gone through some form of abuse in the journey of life. Abuse, be it sexual, physical, mental or emotional leaves very deep scars and affects how you relate with others. Our counselling experts will help you work through the trauma of the experience and rebuild your self-esteem and confidence.

Getting Out of Addiction

Could you have thought you were enjoying life for some time but became addicted to something, which now you desperately wish to quit? We are here for you. Addiction, be it alcohol, drug and substance, exercise, masturbation, pornography, gambling, smoking or even shopping consumes a lot of your finances and leaves you with a feeling of guilt. Our experts understand what you are really feeling and experiencing, and willing to assist you work through and give up the addiction.

Anger Management

Are you the type of person who bottles up your feelings and later experience an aggressive and negative explosion which leaves you with regrets? Stop blaming yourself. Our counsellors will help you understand the issues underneath the explosion in an empathetic and caring way and work with you to make practical changes you dearly need.

Low Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

Are you a speaker that everyone wants to listen to but cannot stand on the stage? Or a leader that everybody chooses but you would rather stay at the back bench? You could have had unpleasant experiences as you grew up or in relationships such as bullying or abuse which eroded your confidence and self-esteem. Our counsellors will help you to recognize your positive aspects, start to believe in yourself again, develop and continue living a confident and successful life.

Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) Management

Have you ever experienced or witnessed a traumatic event? Are you easily startled, feel on edge and jump at any loud sound, suffer from intense feelings of fear and a sense of being overwhelmed? Do not just wish these feelings away. They can result in either depression, low self-esteem, anger, stress, anxiety, panic attacks or addictive patterns. Our counsellors will help you to understand what you went through and effectively apply the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to replace the unwanted thoughts and feelings with positive ones for better living.

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